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GoSoul the family you always wanted.

We are those who always seek pure emotion, the feeling of freedom, the desire to explore and do things never tried before. 

We are people who sleep few hours to be able to pursue our passions and who are not satisfied with what has already been seen. 

But we are not just that: we are also a family. 

Become part of our community and discover how wonderful it can be to live as a GoSoul content creator.

Discover the discounts from GoSoul partners.

Learn with us.

Discover lots of courses, tips and join workshop with official trainer GoPro.

With our lessons, you will have the opportunity to learn how to get the most out of your devices and GoPros, understand how to use the various shooting modes to capture breathtaking images and learn about all the features available in preview.

Live, tips, reviews and courses always free!

Find with us what's right for you.


Make hundreds of new friends in the GoSoul Italia chat and use regional chats to organize yourself before events!

Our memories.

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